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India researchers miffed over Modi plan to engage private agency for hiring

By Anjali Chhabra New Delhi: A tweak in the process for hiring researchers on contract for Government of India ministries and a proposal to route all such contractual recruitments through private hiring agencies appear to have sparked discontent among scientists, many of whom foresee long-term damage to research work in the country and rise in…

China bought influence in Bollywood, universities, think-tanks, tech industry: Law and Society Alliance study report

New Delhi: A research study has shown that China has lavishly spent huge sums of money to buy influence in India’s film world, universities, social institutions, research think-tanks, social media, and the tech industry, posing a serious threat to national security and democracy. The 76-page Study Report titled ‘Mapping Chinese Footprints and Influence Operation in…

Law and Society Alliance study report exposes Communist China’s overt, covert influence operations in India

New Delhi: Communist China has bought support for itself among the academia, think-tanks, media, trade bodies, tech companies, filmdom, and political parties in India to influence public opinion and destabilise the nation from within, strategic affairs experts have said. They were speaking at an online discussion following the release of a study report brought out…

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